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We want to make sure your donation is going where it is needed most, so instead of posting you an actual brick (those things are heavy!) we’ll be emailing you a sharable image.


About the Campaign

The Issue

Suitable and appropriate housing is one of the greatest areas of unmet need for people with disabilities in Australia.

Currently there are 12,000 young people stuck in aged care, hospital rooms and rehabilitation centres simply because there is nowhere else for them to go.

Youngcare High Care Housing

Youngcare is building dynamic, modern living spaces that will enable young people to live independent lives, with appropriate and dignified care.

We are relentless in our fight to build more housing for the thousands of young people with high care needs in desperate need of a place to call ‘home’.

Why we need YOU

Building High Care Housing isn’t easy.

Youngcare is working every day to ensure no young person is left behind in inappropriate housing, but we need your help. It doesn’t take much. For $10 you can buy a brick that will help build the foundations of a home.

Together, brick by brick, we can provide a place to call ‘home’ for all young people with high care needs.

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